In Defense Of Nyjer Morgan

Posted: September 2, 2010 in Uncategorized
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Look I’m not here to defend Morgan for throwing a ball at a fan or his shoving of the catcher but when it comes to last night’s brawl I will defend Morgan all the way.  Let’s recap.

The night before in the 10th inning Morgan was called out when he collided with Marlins’ catcher Brett Hayes.  As a result Hayes separated his shoulder.  Sure it’s a bad deal but it’s a collision at the plate and it looked 100% clean to me.  Plate collisions happen and injuries can happen but they are still clean plays.  Had Morgan gone in spikes up or tried to kick Hayes in any way sure I’d be angry but he didn’t it was a clean play.

The following night Volstad hits Morgan with a pitch.  I didn’t think this was warranted but it happened, I understand it but don’t agree with it but whatever, it happened.  So then Morgan steals 2nd and 3rd base.  This apparently angered the Marlins because they had a large lead at this point.  Now I gotta ask, why does this anger the Marlins?  Is Washington supposed to just quit in the 4th inning?  Yea I know they’re down 11 runs but an 11 run comeback is NOT unheard of at all especially still early on in the game.  So what happens when Morgan gets to the plate again?  Volstad throws behind him.  No he didn’t hit him but the message was clear “Don’t mess with us.”

Sorry but I don’t take Morgan’s steals as taunting the Marlins, I take it as a stolen base.  If Volstad doesn’t like it then try to pick him off, keep him close to the bag, throw him out.  Don’t let him steal and then get mad about it.  So Morgan comes out to the mound and swings at Volstad which no I don’t agree with that but then here comes Gabby Sanchez and totally cheap shots Morgan.  Pathetic.  Seems Morgan has some anger issues but on this issue I agree with him.  What the Marlins did was uncalled for and cowardly.  There was no need to hit Morgan in the first place and there was ESPECIALLY no reason to try and send Morgan a message for stealing bases.  Shame on the Florida Marlins.  Hopefully in the end people will see it my way but it doesn’t seem like that’s going to be the case as ESPN has come out in favor of the Marlins for the most part (typical ESPN basing decisions on reputation and not actually thinking about it).  As for suspensions yea I’d suspend Morgan for charging the mound and throwing a punch (2-3 games) but Volstad and Sanchez I’d bring the hammer down on them, I’d give them 10 games each.  Seems harsh I know because Morgan got 7 for throwing a ball at a fan (I would have given Morgan a much longer suspension for that but that’s just me) but it’s time to put an end to needless revenge.  You throw at a guy once, fine, even if this one was uncalled for, but twice?  No that’s junk.  Send a message Bud.  I know you wont but I can still hope can’t I?

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